What We Do

Our experience and expertise lies in moving teaching and learning up levels.  Our high quality training and consultancy with school leaders and teachers focuses on building knowledge, attitudes, skills and the development of habits that sustainably change the typical practise in schools and classrooms.

We pride ourselves on offering inspiring, motivating INSET days as well as bespoke training and consultancy designed to meet the teaching and learning needs of your school.

Our work with Osiris Educational developing the pioneering Outstanding Teaching Intervention has grown rapidly. It has been twice shortlisted for the TES Awards, has been academically verified by University of Wolverhampton.  It is a programme currently running in over fifty primary and secondary schools around the UK.

Mark and Andy also deliver a wide range of one day CPD courses for Osiris Educational helping teachers and school leaders level up the quality of teaching and learning.

MALIT have trainers with specific areas of experience and expertise.

Michelle Carter delivers high quality primary school training and consultancy.

We are also passionate about working with young people themselves to help them think more positively about their educational potential.  We offer a range of well received student courses that help schools develop their students.  So they have the skills and habits required for them to take more ownership of their learning.