Keen to grow parenting at your school, so children get the best start?

Looking to grow productive home-school links?

Seeking to improve % GLD at end of EYFS?

We’ve been working alongside It’s Your Life who are a well-established, highly successful charity, with a proven reputation working with disadvantaged families. As part of their work, the charity developed ‘It’s Your Child’s Life’ programme (IYCL) to help children of nursery/primary age to get the best start in life by improving the quality of parenting and consequently their home life. It’s a programme we’ve been really impressed by and we’re supporting it’s expansion on Merseyside.

The issue…

Parenting is one of those jobs that is learnt ‘as you go along’. It usually doesn’t come with a full training programme that de-mystifies what beautiful parenting looks and sounds like, or the knowledge, attitudes, skills and habits (KASH) required to do it well. For most parents, they stumble through the process using what they’ve consciously or unconsciously picked up from others including their own memories of how they were parented. Yet the impact of parenting on children’s educational success is huge and we believe it shouldn’t be left to chance.

The Programme

The programme lasts 12 weeks and has three phases. The ideal number of parents per group taking part is 10 to 12.
Click here for more details about the programme along with videos of parents talking about the impact on their children.

To discuss further how It’s Your Child’s Life can run the programme in your Merseyside school please contact us or ring Mark on 07969917068.