Level Up Mindsets

Learners with a fixed mindset wants to ‘look smart’ even if it means not learning a thing in the process. For them, each task is a challenge to their self-image, and each setback becomes a personal threat. So they
avoid the sorts of experiences necessary to grow and flourish in any endeavour. By contrast, learners with a growth mindset take necessary risks and regard mistakes as a chance to learn.
The ideas within this 4by4 come from teachers who have gone through the Outstanding Teaching Intervention (OTI). To find out more about OTI or our other courses contact us at www.malit.org.uk


Download the 4by4 here

One thought on “Level Up Mindsets”

  1. Gavin Kewley says:

    Great resource to prompt thinking around engaging the more reluctant or passive learners. Ties in aspects from across OTIP nicely.

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