Level up competency

Most student surveys suggest that what they most want from school is confidence. By
looking to build a student’s competence you will inevitably build their confidence.

The advantages of building competency:

  • Letting students know that they are already doing things well and that they are on
    the journey to their desired destination helps them to remember that they’re not
    starting from scratch. This can frequently motivate them to continue with a
    challenging task or to reflect on and make improvements to work they thought was
  • Students can only really make progress if they know where they are going wrong.
    Building a ‘can do’ attitude, sometimes known as a ‘growth mindset’, can make
    students more relaxed about owning and sharing their errors and mistakes.
  • Getting students to reflect on their achievements helps them to think about what
    they enjoy most and are best at. This might be an end in itself or, even better,
    become a career goal.

Here is our latest 4by4 to help levelling up in this area.

4by4 Competency

If you do try them out, let us know how you get on.  Tweet us any questions, challenges or comments.

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July 4th 2013

One thought on “Level up competency”

  1. Gavin Kewley says:

    Loving these 4by4 ideas. I’ve seen them in place across KS1-4.
    Loyalty cards for focussing on a range of personal development targets and gaining points for it every time they’ve highlighted/evidenced that effort in their learning.
    Using this to build a learning CV/Portfolio.
    Success diaries continuously focus attention on what your getting right and progress made, keeping it at the forefront of the pupil’s thinking. Sparse diaries highlight the need for intervention for peers/adults.P
    Bs are one of the many Olympic legacies that we must all continue to focus on if we’re to win Gold again. (Big thanks Sir DB!) Aggregate those marginal gains!!

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