Level Up Learning Performances

A key part of backward planning lessons is to ensure that there are opportunities to gain feedback from learners about the level of understanding. Some use traffic lights, thumbs up or thumbs down or hands up if you understand. Much better to get students to demonstrate an understanding performance, as they are clearer, more reliable indicators that students have made progress.

The phrase ‘understanding performances’ was coined by Professor David Perkins to describe a set of activities which force students to explain their learning through a variety of different expressions.*

Level Up Learning Performances

If you do try them out, let us know how you get on.  Tweet us any questions, challenges or comments.

Remember we tweet a new 4by4 for teachers on the 4th of each month.  Last month’s 4by4 was  ‘Level up Classroom dialogue’.  This can be found in our blog.

* David Perkins in American Educator: The Professional Journal of the American Federation of Teachers;
v17 n3, pp. 8,28-35, Fall 1993

May 4th 2013

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