Michelle has been in education for more than twenty five years as a teacher, senior manager, LEA consultant and trainer. Her dynamic and energetic approach means that she is particularly proactive in empowering people to create outstanding learning environments inside and outside the classroom.

Michelle particularly specialises in areas such as play, motivation and engagement and combining the standards agenda with stimulating, creative teaching approaches to ensure young people achieve, can think for themselves and be independent and self motivated.

Michelle runs INSETs and follow up work on Building Better Learners.  She has coached hundreds of teachers and teaching assistants in dozens of schools and has observed hundreds of lessons. Michelle has a proven track record of supporting staff to improve their everyday practice and move towards outstanding and beyond. Ofsted have inspected a few of the schools since or during her work and a significant number of teachers have been graded outstanding. Furthermore head teachers are reporting that the staff are consistently outstanding in their practice.

Michelle offers a range of courses including Outstanding Teaching, Building Better Learners, Positive Playtimes, Playground Games, Games for Early Years, Circle Time, Emotional Intelligence. Behaviour management, Pupil Voice including setting up school councils and improving school councils. Training for Teaching assistants and Nursery Nurses including working with small groups and behaviour management. Training for lunchtime supervisors including positive playtimes and behaviour management.

Michelle is Director of Primary Services for MALIT.

To discuss how Michelle can work with your school please contact us

Feedback from longer term development programme ‘Building Better Learners’:

“All the ideas were relevant and useful. Made me reflect on my own practice and improve by putting the ideas in place. Pupils are definitely more engaged and enjoying lessons more.”

Literacy Co-ordinator

“Very useful, lots of good ideas to motivate the children and myself. Activities could be used immediately.”


“Michelle is an extremely inspirational lady. It would be impossible not to be inspired by her. The entire course was relevant and full of wonderful ideas that will enhance my practice. It has given me back my Va, va, voom!”

Maths Co-ordinator Special School


“Michelle’s session was highly energetic and engaging. She really does practise what she preaches and we all picked up some great ideas for engaging pupils. She provided every year group with something to apply to their own year group. She was very welcoming to all who came along.”


“Michelle was inspiring and obviously very passionate about what she is saying. The course was fast paced and very interactive. It was refreshing to have a course leader who so obviously knew the content of the course inside out. I would recommend this course to anyone.”


“Excellent, very knowledgeable, approaches were engaging. Talks from experience and in touch with developments in education.”


“Brilliant, enthusiastic, entertaining and fun, inspirations for staff”

Deputy Headteacher