Osiris Teaching Intervention

Simple aim:
To improve teaching

Proven programme:
Supported by quantitative research by Professor Mick Waters and the University of Wolverhampton

Sustainable outcomes:
Long-term teaching improvement and a boost to your school’s teaching culture

Osiris Teaching Intervention was co-developed with Osiris Educational.  It aims to change the habits and practices of individual teachers. It accelerates this process of individual change allowing senior management to concentrate on the strategic and operational side of school improvement. The fact it works is testament to its design and the skill of the trainers we use.

  • Intensive training programme for teaching staff
  • Training takes place in school, during the school day, over at least two terms per year
  • Draws on the best educational pedagogy
  • Delivered by carefully selected and quality assured trainers
  • Evidence led professional structure to maxmise impact on teacher performance

What are the benefits?

  • Improve student achievement
  • Increase teacher confidence
  • Develop learners’ attitudes, skills and habits
  • Leave a sustainable impact across the school
  • Create a learning culture amongst teaching staff based on a shared language for improvement

How will it work?

Working with a cohort of teachers, the Osiris Teaching Intervention focuses on 3 modules which are at the heart of improving Teaching and Learning:

Using a range of techniques, assessments and feedback, The Osiris Teaching Intervention is designed to create long-term, measurable changes to teaching:

    • Video recording for improved analysis and future planning
    • Risk taking and experimentation to encourage innovative thinking
    • Immediate feedback for immediate impact
    • Coaching to help teachers feel empowered
    • Deep conversations about professionalism

The Osiris Teaching Intervention is already making a deep and sustained impact in schools nationwide with 40+ having moved up inspection levels. Many of these reports have specifically referenced the significant impact of the intervention on the improvement of these schools

Contact Mark Burns on 07969917068 or email mark@malit.org.uk  for more details.