Relevance Level up Relevance

Relevance is a fantastic motivational trigger.  It can make abstract learning appear relevant, important and necessary for learners.  If you …

Expectations Level up Expectations

The most effective teachers we have worked with have high expectations.  Often much higher than their colleagues down the corridor. …

2013 Education Resources Awards Engaging Learners up for Award

Outstanding Teaching: Engaging Learners has been short listed for the 2013 Education Resources Awards in the `Educational Book Award category`. …

Teach Primary Teach Primary article

How curious are your learners? January’s edition of Teach Primary  magazine included an article by us.  In it we explore …

tes MALIT up for TES Award 2010 twice!

MALIT shortlisted twice for prestigious TES Schools Awards!

Andy with award Andy wins Osiris Trainer of the Year

Andy Griffith was awarded the ‘Trainer of the Year’ by Osiris Educational, the UK’s leading  independent training provider for teachers in …

Engaging Learners from Malit Buy Engaging Learners on Kindle

“Books in education tend to be dry academic tomes or full of anecdotes usually premised on “do what I did” … Outstanding Teaching an engaging book emphasising the core qualities of teaching while making it sound fun.”

Professor John Hattie- University of Melbourne


Consensus Where are we starting?

Do you know what your students know already about the next topic you are going to teach them? Are you in the habit of making assumptions of understanding? Much better to pre-assess learning. Learn how here……

big four may 2014 The Big Four – the key to improving teaching

For teachers, identifying areas to focus their limited time and effort can be confusing given the plethora of acronyms and often contradictory initiatives. Our experience of working with intensively with more than 800 teachers is that focussing improvement on what we refer to as the ‘The Big Four’ is key.

So what are the ‘Big Four’?