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April’s edition of Teach Primary magazine included an article by us based on a key theme from our latest book; Teaching Backwards.  In the article, we explore how teachers can improve the learning in thcolumboeir classrooms by becoming more like a detective……

Why be a teacher detective?

The ‘Columbo’ teacher is skilled in discovering proof that learners are either confused or are ready to move on to new learning, more quickly.  Where children are confused, these teachers are experts at finding out why?  As a consequence, they are better able to adapt their own teaching and as a consequence, the childrens’ learning ‘live’.  For these teachers, their lesson plan is just a guide which gets changed based upon the feedback they get from their class.  This leads to lessons where children make better progress.  After all, the engagement of learners depends upon ensuring that the level of challenge is appropriate.  Not too hard, or too easy.

By getting more accurate feedback ‘live’ in lessons when children are confused, instead of finding out from marking their books, saves time for the teacher detective.  Remember that a class set of books containing perfect work takes much less time to mark than a set of books riddled with errors!

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